JLK-61A API Bottom Loading Coupler
JLK-61A API Bottom Loading Coupler

The JLK-61A is the one we Jialong specially developed for the bottom loading system with the feature of “Drip Less”. It is designed and produced accordance with API RP1004 , coupling to APR RP1004 coupler, detaching with “Drip Less”, ensuring the loading is safe and environmental friendly.

API Bottom Loading Coupler JLK-61A

Technical Data

Max.Working pressure


Max.Flow rate


Temperature range


Pressure difference


Net weight


Benefit and Features

● The coupler is used widely and with the special design gasket to resist low temperature, damage and light fuel.

● With the Interlock Design

When the coupler is in the non-working condition, it will be lock itself to avoid the wrong operation.

● 5 Cam Lock Design

Ensures the tight connection with the valve at the bottom of the tanker and efficiently protect from the side forces.

Special sealing design structure, avoid danger of sealing gasket rushing out when quick filling.

● Hardening Treatment

All the aluminum parts are hardened, all the other connecting parts are stainless steel with the superior, reliable quality, and long working life.

● Easy Servicing

Users can maintain it under our instruction.

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